Named after Edwin Booth, the great nineteenth-century U.S. American actor who was also famed for his intellect, the Booth Award seeks to unite the professional and academic theatre communities. Award recipients are nominated and selected by members of the Doctoral Theatre Students’ Association (DTSA) of the Graduate Center, CUNY. The DTSA also produces and hosts an annual ceremony during which the Booth Award is formally presented to the recipient. The Booth Award Committee of each year work together with the recipients to conceive the format and curate the content of the event. The ceremonies in the past have ranged from panel discussions, personal testimony, performance dedication to interactive digital exhibition. 

The event is videotaped for the Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance video collection. The transcript for the 1997 Booth Award, presented to Richard Foreman, was published in Theatre (Vol. 28, Issue 1).


The Ph.D. Program in Theatre and Performance is one of the leading doctoral theatre programs in the United States, offering students a rigorous grounding in the theory, history, and criticism of theatre studies, while encouraging interdisciplinary thinking. The program embraces the rich cultural resources of New York City, with its professional theatre specialists, institutions, and myriad productions, as well as its library and museum facilities and its archives and private collections. Although the program emphasizes academic studies, attempts are made to form alliances of understanding between scholars and practitioners whenever possible. 


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